Dear Friends,


I, Martha, will be operating the camps alone this year. That and the on-going social-distancing protocols will require that I demand a little more of you than, perhaps, you are used to while you are here. As an elderly asthmatic, I am at very high risk from Covid-19, so you will not be getting the levels of interaction or service you are used to. I apologize in advance and promise that I will do everything I can to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.


First, I will be keeping prices at last year’s levels to acknowledge that you will have to do some of the work that I have done in the past. This will include:

  • Bring your own linens. I do not have enough blankets and pillows to be able to wash and sanitize them between every set of guests in a cabin, so I will not be providing them routinely. Please bring your own pillows and sleeping bags or linens/blankets, etc. or call me ahead of time so I can have them ready for you to pick up when you arrive. I will provide towels, dish cloths, etc. and paper products.

  • Bring all your groceries and supplies from home, including fishing/hunting licenses and supplies. Do not stop locally to buy them. You can buy your licenses online from home. I am trying to prevent community spread of the virus, so the less interaction you have locally the better. Plan to just stay at the camps and in the woods while you are here. Most of the restaurants will do take-out, if you really need a night when you don’t have to cook, and I support their need to have some customers, too, but again, the fewer interactions you have locally, the healthier my community will stay. As they say, assume you are infectious, even if you are sure you are not.

  • When you arrive, please just find me and then back away (we are all getting used to doing this routinely, I know). I won’t have Maggie to warn me whenever someone arrives, so I may not see you drive in to come out and greet you! If you know before you get here which cabin you are in, just settle in and come give me a wave to let me know you’re here.

  • While you’re here, please practice social distancing with other guests and myself. Masks will be provided, if you haven't brought your own; please wear them when other people are around. The biggest problems may arise around use of the boats. Wipe down kayaks and paddles and lay them in the sun on the beach. Please bail your own boats if it rains, and gas the boats up yourselves. Bailers and gas cans will be provided. Please wipe down handles after you use them. If you have a problem with a motor that requires my working on it, please wipe down all surfaces that you have touched or that I am likely to have to touch before you come get me. I will try to have campfire wood by the firepits and/or a readily available supply for you to use. Please help yourselves, and wipe down the axe handle if you use it.

  • When you leave, please take out the trash yourselves and clean all surfaces in the cabins thoroughly. Again, we are all learning the drill, but this especially includes light switches, doorknobs, counters, faucets, handles of all kitchenware you have used, chair and couch arms, etc. I will provide cleaning products. If you have used our linens, etc., please bring them back in the laundry basket you got them in. Leave doors open when you leave, so the cabin can air out.

  • Checkout: Checks are best, since they involve the least interaction. If you pay in cash, please put it in an envelope. If you are paying with a credit card: if the credit card I have on file is the one you want to pay with, just let me know and I will run it before you leave. If you are using a different one, or I don’t have one on file for you, please wait a safe distance away while I run it.


I feel terrible at the thought of not being able to provide the level of service that you have come to expect--and I hate that I can’t give hugs and handshakes! We all need them right about now. I will do everything I can to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. I am comforted by the fact that I have such a loyal clientele whom I consider more friends than just guests. Just think of your cabin as your home away from home while you are here and act as if you were isolating at home during that time. If you are not comfortable with any of this, do not feel guilty about cancelling; I am just happy that I am able to open at all this year. I will be delighted to see you if you come, and if you can’t, I will hope to see you next year when things are back to normal.


Feel free to call  or email with any questions or concerns. I can be reached at 802-487-4854. I can always be reached by email at


Thanks again, and I can’t wait to see everyone!



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