January 2021,

This past year was difficult for all of us, for many reasons, and I can't give enough thanks and credit to all of you for helping me through it. Special thanks go to the Manning men for helping me with docks and boats at both ends of the season, and to BreAna Mutz and Doug Graves for helping with the operation of the camps throughout the season. And, of course, to all of you for looking out for me and each other as we tried to navigate the Covid crisis.

While Covid took a toll on "the hospitality industry" throughout Maine, it ended up having relatively little effect on our bottomline for the year. Hanging out in a beautiful spot on a Maine lake is the perfect way to socially isolate, and since people couldn't travel far, we had many new guests from Maine, New Hampshire and Verrmont during the beginning of the season when our friends from farther afield couldn't come to Maine. Thus, I think, we now have even more loyal friends and customers for the future.

The future is still pretty murky. I am assuming that, by summer, most people will be vaccinated against the virus, and I am very sure I will be, since I am an elderly teacher with underlying conditions and, thus, fairly high on the list. So, I am operating under the assumption (perhaps delusion) that I can go back to normal operations, providing linens and help with things like motors, as well as hugs and handshakes. That also means that I am instituting the price increases that I put off last year. If the Covid crisis is not over, I will adjust prices accordingly.

But... The camps are still on the market, and while there are some active lookers, there have been no offers yet. There also has been no court date on possession of the house, so I don't know who will be in it come ice-out. I am hoping everything will be resolved by Spring, one way or the other, and I will let you know here and on Facebook of any major developments. Rest assured that your reservations will be honored unless a new buyer closes the camps completely and, in that case, all deposits will be returned. I do know, though, that Tom has not taken the motors to get fixed, as he promised he would do since he has possession of the truck and I have no way to transport them, so we may be in even worse shape on that front this year than we were last. If I can't supply working motors, I will adjust prices accordingly, I promise.

I wish I had more definitive news. I am actually looking forward to a quiet, healthy and relaxed season on the lake and at the camps. I hope I can provide you with the same this year.


Feel free to call  or email with any questions or concerns. I can be reached at 802-487-4854. I can always be reached by email at martha@sturtevantpondcamps.com.


Thanks again, and I can’t wait to see everyone!