History of the Camps

    Sturtevant Pond Camps, originally known as Big Buck Camps, has been accommodating outdoor enthusiasts continuously for over 90 years. The first log cabin was built by Ewen Cameron in 1919, after he returned from World War I. He and his wife, Evelyn, built another cabin soon thereafter and started guiding hunters and fishermen. The main cabin was built in 1938, but the family (they had seven children) had lived on the pond year-round from 1919 to 1926, despite the lack of a road to the camps. They lived on the main road while the children were growing up but lived at the camps year-round again from 1951 until Ewen’s death in 1967. After that, their son Eric and his wife Beverly lived at and operated the camps until after Eric’s death. Beverly sold the camps in 1996 to James and Sandra Calyer, who then sold them to us in 2009.

(Most of this history was taken from The History of Wilson’s Mills and the Magalloway Settlements, 1975)

The Owners


Tom Rideout is a Master Maine Guide, trapper and expert upland bird hunter. He owned and operated Bosebuck Mountain Camps on Aziscohos Lake for 20 years and is the former editor/publisher of the New Hampshire Outdoor Gazette. tom@sturtevantpondcamps.com


Martha VanderWolk is a life-long educator. She has taught in local schools and several colleges, and recently retired from the Errol Consolidated School.  martha@sturtevantpondcamps.com


Both of us live for the outdoors and look forward to sharing our wonderful lake and woods, along with whatever knowledge of the outdoors we have to share, with you.

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